5 Reasons Why You Are Happier With Lesser Friends

By Likely

Have you realised that the older you get, the lesser people you can call friends? No, your Instagram and Facebook “friends” don’t count. In fact, how many of them do you actually talk to? Sure, you keep yourself updated with their lives by scrolling through your social feed and how Facebook constantly reminds you of their birthdays.

But you don’t need a lot friends in life, all you need is a few good friends – five to be exact. According to Dunbar’s Number, a research done by British anthropologist Dr. Robin Dunbar, he revealed that humans could likely only maintain social relationships with an average of 148 individuals due to the size of our brain’s neocortex.

He then followed up with another research called, Dunbar’s layers, in which the emotional closeness between individuals were taken into account. The closest layer has not more than 5 people, which are your closest friends. You meet up regularly, talk about personal stuff and have a strong, emotional connection.

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