Movie Predictions of 2019

As much as 2018 was a fun filled year with endless blockbusters, and honestly the year that Asians have risen from the ashes onto the silver screens, it’s time to say goodbye because 2019 has got me salivating and my heart pumping for all their box office releases.

Most talked about movies in 2018

Without a doubt 2018 has produced numerous films that have went viral and it was year of inclusivity of people from different races and backgrounds on the silver screen. So here are few movies that were talked about constantly in the year 2018:

Facts you wish you knew about Jake Gyllenhaal

As an actor Jake is very much known for him doing things out of the box and pushing his limits. He isn’t your traditional actor that acts in many Rom Com films, he loves taking up a challenge and proving he is threat to be reckoned with! Here are a few facts you wished you knew of Jake Gyllenhaal:

TV Shows we loved in 2018

No one is ready to say goodbye to 2018, especially not to the series that kept us company on those lonely nights and those comedies and horror shows that we watched with a group of friends. So here are the best series of 2018 and hopefully we can catch more of them in the coming year. Be warned spoilers alert!

The official viral songs 2018

The year 2018 has been a fun filled year of great music with artist such as Cardi B, Drake, and Ariana Grande topping the charts with their viral songs. Having more female artist dominating the charts says a lot about the future of our music industry.