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Serena Williams Outburst; What we don’t want repeated in Sports 2019

There were many hoorah moments when it came to this year’s sports! Especially in football, with the World Cup and France’s win, and the bloom of a new era, saying bye to the Messi and Ronaldo period and the rise of a new legend in tennis with the win of Naomi Osaka, but there is a saying that goes everything looks good on the surface but may not be the case on the inside and with that here are a few moments in sports 2018 that we do not want repeated in the year 2019 and forever.

Movie Predictions of 2019

As much as 2018 was a fun filled year with endless blockbusters, and honestly the year that Asians have risen from the ashes onto the silver screens, it’s time to say goodbye because 2019 has got me salivating and my heart pumping for all their box office releases.

Most talked about movies in 2018

Without a doubt 2018 has produced numerous films that have went viral and it was year of inclusivity of people from different races and backgrounds on the silver screen. So here are few movies that were talked about constantly in the year 2018: