Five Effective Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible

• Dust it off

Been walking around in all of your hairy glory? Do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair of new razor! Girls, throw away those dusty expired make up cuz ain’t nobody got time for breakouts.

• Skin Queen

Save yourself from heartbreak by preventing your skin from breaking. Don’t forget to clean and moisturize to keep that skin glowing!

• Bacteria be gone

The amount of bacteria in the air is already massive so your stinky old socks is never attractive! Get yourself a new pair or else the answer will always be negative!

• Be Odor-able

One moment you were close to one another the next, you become such a bother. Don’t blame the other if you have body odor! Ladies and gents, time for shower!

• Play it cool

Hands down, the coolest way to be irresistible is by using Panasonic’s new Elite Inverter SKY. The Skywing feature provides indirect cooling, preventing overcooled body that can leave you shivering uncomfortably. It also helps prevent the loss of moisture and resulting in healthier skin. Its nanoe-G particles attracts dust and other harmful microorganisms as tiny as a bacteria hence removing them as well as unwanted odours from the air.

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