In the heat of BTS releasing an ALL English single with Steve Aoki, it’s apparent that Korean pop genre is moving beyond their comfort zone. And as much as you want to keep denying a tiny spot of love for K-pop music, their songs has creeped onto us, and we catch ourselves singing along the chorus (under our breaths). So whether you’re a fan, not a fan, or in the closet fan, here are a few songs you should really listen to.

First the obvious group, BTS. Yes, you heard their new released song “Waste It On Me” and possibly “Fake love playing  on the FlyFm station, but their song “Mic drop” from the album “Love Yourself: Her” is also pretty cool. The song has over 300 million views and was oddly enough, inspired by Obama’s speech at the 2016 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Obama dropped the mic and said, “Obama out” before making an epic exit at the end of his speech.

‘I am the best’, Korean single by South Korean girl group 2NE1 is a great songs if you’re just now stepping into the Korean band pool. It’s nothing shy of pumped up music, dance moves and catchy phrases for us non Korean speakers, too sing along too.  And not to mention they are the first K-pop girl group act to top the Billboard chart.

Who doesn’t love ice Cream? The perfect Korean song that’s cute and have you singing along is by singer HyunA with her 100 million viewed song “Ice Cream”. Super catchy and almost 80’s pop style that will non K-Pop fans drawn to the song. Little known fact, HyunA is one of the first female K-pop solo artist to have two music videos reach 100 million views!

“Lo Siento” is a merge of K-pop and Latin music by Super Junior, featuring Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace. The single includes lyrics in English, Spanish and Korean which is unique to music fans. With 43 million views, the K-pop act debuted at No. 13 on Billboard’s Latin Digital Song Sales chart in April 2018.

K-pop fans, which songs would you recommend to the newbies???

Source:TheStraitsTimes,Billboard, Soompi