Not many know of them, but these 4 real-life superheroes really exist in Malaysia

Professor Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman

A woman of wonder with an unquenchable thirst for answers. Her rebellious nature has ironically led her to become the first in many things. From being the first woman to earn a doctorate in physics by the University of Otago, New Zealand to being the first director of the National Space Agency, Angkasa. She was also involved in the launch of the first remote sensing satellite that orbited the equator. It’s safe to say she has the superpower of always being the first in her league.



Shawn Beck

There is always that one superhero who does not always go by the book, literally. Shawn beck has the superpower of imagination that allows him to think beyond his horizons, eventually succeeding as the game developer that he is today. Starting out with simple coding and programming jobs, he later went full-time into games development, and the rest is history. He aims to create games that will continue to fuel children’s imagination and drive them to achieve their dreams.



Cheryl Fernando

A woman with the heart of steel. A public relations consultant turned teacher for underprivileged children. The savior of 32 underprivileged 14-year-olds that changed their lives for the better by shielding them with an education. Currently a director of Education and Learning at EduNation, she helps to provide free and quality education for all students in Malaysia.



Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

This superhero literally defied gravity and went on to be Malaysia’s very first astronaut! An orthopaedic surgeon by day, Dr Muszaphar is a superhero that believes in the power of hard work and determination. With great power comes great responsibility, and he carries the important task of shaping the new generation into people that will carry on his cosmic legacy.


Samsung is currently collaborating with these heroes for its Samsung Smart School initiative, aimed at improving digital education among underprivileged kids. With this initiative, Samsung hopes to inspire more young talents to dream big and keep on thriving to make them come true.