This is How a Poverty-stricken Boy Turned Into an Eight-time World Boxing Champion Legend

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1. Manny Pacquiao pursued boxing as a result of not being able to attend school because of poverty. He was introduced to boxing by his uncle and has since worked his way up to become eight- time world boxing champion title holder. Not bad for someone who was initially expected to become a priest.

2. Manny believes his strong calves are the result of climbing the mountain several times a week when he was a kid to search for food and fresh water. Bet no amount of gym can top that off.

3. Manny worked as an old fisherman’s assistant as his first job. According to him, that job had helped him built upper body strength which is put to good use in his successful career as a boxer.

4. Manny watched a cockfight for the first time when he was seven. This was when he learned the importance of persistence and being quick on feet, two qualities that were engraved in his mind and became a part of him up until today.

5. This legendary boxer believes, it is not the power or speed that got him to where he is today but determination, strong will and his ability to take punches. Watch how this man, the product of years of hardships, who had risen from the ashes in a match against welterweight belt holder, Lucas Matthysse. Catch WBA Welterweight Championship fight, 15th July 2018, starting from 8 am at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil. For ticket prices and purchases visit Tickets are also available at Axiata Arena starting from 3rd July 2018.