The iconic Tyra Banks has been in the entertainment biz for some time. She’s had a successful modelling career, her own television show, appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including 24 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and currently hosts America’s Got Talent.

In honour of her birthday, we’ve rounded up some of her most inspiring and praise-worthy moments. Keep scrolling!


  • Vaseline frenzy

Some TV hosts give out cars, but Tyra isn’t the most TV hosts. Instead, on her talk show, she gave the versatile gift of Vaseline and all of her beauty tips to go along with it. Everybody in the audience got a little bottle of Vaseline that was bedazzled with crystals. Seriously, only Tyra Banks could get an entire audience so excited about Vaseline.


  • Her Smize

Tyra believes that a smile is the most important thing you could wear and she definitely knows how to style it. It’s no surprise that a model would know how to make her face look flawless, but with Tyra, it comes with something more. She is the master and the creator of Smize. And has taught hundreds of people on how to do it – from models in ANTM and to celebrities.


  • She celebrates her flaws

Tyra has always been a huge advocate for confidence in young girls. And body positivity comes with that territory. Early in her modelling career she decided she wouldn’t starve for the industry. She has since become a role model for self-love. When a rumour magazine tried fat-shaming her, she even gave an inspiring speech, putting all those opinions to silence.


  • Owning the Victoria’s Secret runway

Tyra was a Victoria’s Secret angel and she dominated the runway for eight fierce years. She knew how to stomp the runway while getting the crow pumped. Over those eight years, she left behind a lot of memorable walks especially her Flamingo walk. In 2005, she hung up her wings for good but her legend will continue to strut on.


  • When she tried 9 things she’s never tried before

To promote the latest season on ANTM, Allure invited Tyra to try a few new things. The outcome was this hilarious 5-minute video. We’re amazed by how well Tyra applied her eye shadow with that tiny hand, if we’re being honest. From doing goat yoga to applying make up with a tiny hand, here are some of Tyra’s new firsts.


Happy Birthday, Tyra!


Source: Youtube