(Video) Creative Mommy Creates A Super Catchy “Potty” Song To Toilet Train Her Daughter!

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All pee-pee problem and all the poo-poo problem will shoo-shoo away with this super catchy poo-poo song!

As a kid, we probably experienced some potty “mishaps”. But check this out, this super genius Alabama mommy came up with really catchy song called “The Potty Song” to basically potty train her lil’ cutie.


In the video, it shows the mommy singing the Potty Song while her adorable toddler dancing along to her.

Posting the video on her Youtube channel, Stacia D. Wright, with the title, Ginneh’s Potty Song – Tell Mommy When You Need to Pee, the video has quickly gone viral with mommies sharing the video.


Well, you could count the non-mommies too, because the song is sooooooo catchy, that you’ll be literally listening it over and over again in your head the next time you poo-poo or pee-pee.

Don’t believe me? Well then watch this adoraaaaaaaaable mommy-daughter duo.

The Potty Song

In an effort to potty train her daughter, this Alabama mom came up with a catchy song, which caught like wildfire on the web. The "Potty Song" is now forever recorded and captured for this little girl's posterity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkZe1v17UeM&feature=youtu.be | #video

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Source: Stacia D. Wright

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