Voting 101: Newbies Guide to Voting

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This year is a big year for our country because, after almost 5 years, it’s time for us to vote! Now maybe some of us had voted in the previous election but I’m sure there are also new voters eager to cast their votes this year.
If you’re a new voter, read on to find out what you should know before casting your vote.


Yes, to be a voter there are a few conditions you will need to meet for you to be eligible to vote in this year’s election.

First, and also a no brainer, you need to be a Malaysian citizen in order to vote. Secondly, you must register yourself as a voter with the Malaysian Election Commission or commonly known as SPR. Thirdly, you need to be 21 years of age and lastly you need to ensure you are not disqualified as a voter by any law in force.


To register yourself as a voter is not that hard, it is our rights to vote anyway. There are a couple of ways to do this. The quickest and easiest way to register is to go to your nearest post office with your IC, ask for voter registration form or Form A, fill in your details and submit it to the registrar. You can check if you have been registered as a voter at SPR’s website just by keying in your IC number. Alternatively, you can register as a voter at any SPR offices.

Voting Centre

Voting centre or polling centre is where you will cast your vote. Usually your voting centre will be decided based on your IC but don’t just take our word for it, check your voting centre by visiting SPR’s website and go to Semak Daftar Pemilih (Voter registration check) section, key in your IC number and click on Semak (check). Voila! After you have done that, the site will show your details, including your voting centre.

Voting Day!

After you have successfully registered as a voter, it’s time to finally exercise your right to vote.

Few things to remember when you go cast your vote; bring your IC, be there early because voting session starts at 8AM and ends at 5PM and dress appropriately. Once you get to the voting centre, present your IC to the SPR officer for identification. You will then be given your stream number and you will need to queue for your turn to cast your vote. Finito!