We are bidding goodbye to Krappi Call

Our beloved Krappi call segment in the Breakfast show on FlyFM that has given us the many sides of Hafiz, Ben, Guibo and Dennis as well as a dose of laughter to our mornings has finally come to an end. As sad as it may sound, we assure you this will bring a bigger and better chapter.

Prior to bring it down, we ran a poll on social media just to see how you listeners felt about it. And we must say many you felt like it is high time to say Bye Bye Krappi Call.

Image result for bye bye nsync gif

Don’t worry your favorite Teka bersama Guibo will continue to ride with you every morning with an addition of a new member. Who you may ask?


Lets welcome our new breakfast show member, RD! And help them pick out a new name will ya!