Which Genre Will Rihanna Do For Her 2019 Album?

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Rihanna has said it Y’ALL!!!

The pop singer made quite the statement when she replied to an Instagram comment on her recent post, on when her next album would be out. The singer replied 2019(!!!). And though this particular teaser doesn’t actually include much in the way of actual teased music, it’s enough to get us all excited!

The 30 year old has not had an album out since her most successful albums of all time on the dance charts “Anti” from 2016.  She pretty much left the music scene for over a year after featuring in a hit song “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller in 2017, where she later focused more on building a brand of her own with Fenty beauty and fentyxSavage lingerie.

So what will her next album be like? Considering  Rihanna is a major key player who has found success in almost every genre out there. The singer didn’t just conquer in pop, she also scored serious hits in R&B and even hip-hop music, even earned a special place in charting history for dance music-in specific rankings. So what can we expect from 2019 RiRi?

In her last album “Anti” , ”Love on the Brain” took many by surprise. It was a complete opposite from the bad girl, strong – independent vibe she’s embodied over the years. It was the single that has united all demographics, both among her Rihanna Navy and the general public, across genres and ages. And because of the huge success in this song, I believe that her next album would similarly replicate the same vibe. It would fit perfectly with who she is today, as a not just captivating strong woman but also a woman of pure realness. Not to mention It would also work perfectly with her lingerie brand, this sultry yet raw empowerment she would bring to the table.

Her upcoming album will definitely be on our top list of songs to listen to this year, it will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeves, as Rihanna is one to continuously mesmerize us with her craft, time and time again.

Source: Billboard, Complex