Why Don’t We has got real “BIG PLANS”

2019 is still in the beginning but Why Don’t We band has blessed us with an amazing song by dropping in “BIG PLANS”! The group started the New Year off right with an incredible new release.

Why Don’t We is a five-man band consisting of Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, and Jack Avery. The group got together after Daniel Seavey contested in the 14th Season of American Idol. On September 27, 2016, the group officially formed Why Don’t We group and has been having a successful run so far.

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The song “BIG PLANS” talks about their intentions to go long term with a girl and they ask this girl to give them a chance at a future with her. The song was released on the 17th of January, 2019, marking their first release after their debut album “8 Letters.”

“I got real big plans, baby, for you and me, so love me for who I am and for who I’m gonna be. Ain’t got everything you want, but got everything you’ll need so take a chance, take a chance on me.”

The song was first teased by Why Don’t We posting a snippet of the song to their Instagram. And apparently within 10 hours of this, the song was accidentally made available on Spotify for half an hour, predominately to Australian and New Zealand users. That’s a smart move, right? In the same Instagram post, the band took to explaining just what the track means to them.

Prior to that, however, the band had already started referencing the song title in the caption of another post on December 21st, 2018:

Since their debut album “8 Letters” came out last August, this song is definitely a new step for band mates with its more mature sound yet still head bopping to listen to. If you’ve got no plans tonight, fret not, Why Don’t We has prepared “Big Plans” for you and me. So dance and confess away!

“A lot of the people in the industry have told us that we have to sound a certain way, or look a certain way in order to be successful but that’s not how we want to do things,” they explained. “We make music we love so we can share it with you. That’s what this song means to us. That’s what we’ve got planned this year for you.”

These guys are young and clearly have so many great things ahead! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in 2019 and beyond.


Source: Hollywood Life