Why Kevin Hart is the best comedian out there

The relatively short and outrageously entertaining actor/comedian is blessed with incomparable talent and charisma. His passion to keep people laughing throughout movies and stand-up performances has made him one of the world’s most impactful entertainers.

Here, check out some of the hilarious moments of Kevin Hart that we have picked out for your viewing pleasure.


Drop the Mic – The Late Late Show with James Corden

While Kevin Hart knows how to tell a joke, the comedian can also take one. During an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the actor went toe-to-toe with James in a closely contested rap battle. After James landed a couple of low blows by marking the celebrity’s height, Kevin retaliated by comparing bank accounts and casting the host as the Ghostbusters’ new Marshmello man. While both celebrities left everything on the floor, there’s only ever gonna be one winner – well, it has got to be when he couldn’t fit James in a football stadium seat. Woah!


What the Fit

Announced as part of YouTube celebrity driven original program, Kevin’s What the Fit added a dash of humour to working out and exercising. Pitting the host against an array of famous faces, each episodes sees the duo put through a rigorous but strange fitness routine designed to test Kevin’s physical competence and patience. Ranging from sumo wrestling to gymnastics, each episode is funny and entertaining. But in particular, you shouldn’t miss an episode of him practicing ballet – this will motivate you to sign up for gym. Really.


2015 Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue

For the most part, Kevin Hart and this show seems to blend together like peanut butter and jelly. Hosting SNL a total of three times, the comedian nearly always gets the show started on a right note. Arguably, the host’s brightest opening monologue moment was in 2015 when he talked about an arrogant thug raccoon that decided to stake out his new house before trying to jimmy the lock. With a detailed encounter of his with the racoon, Kevin’s high energy delivery is a regular crowd pleaser.


Justin Bieber’s Roast

In 2015, celebrities lined up to take a shot on the controversial pop star, but the best of the night arguably fell at the feet of Kevin Hart. Serving his roast toast, the comedian tore into Justin Bieber from nearly every angle imaginable. Kevin brought his “A” game to the event, putting Justin to may unexplainable reactions. Oh, poor Justin! While Justin took on the force of the punches, the roast master hardly neglected the show’s other guests, specifically Shaq, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.


Teaching a student driver – Conan

Conan knows how to bring the best out in Kevin Hart. So, hilarious moment were bound to happen when both Kevin and Ice Cube assisted the TV host and teaching a staff member how to drive. What starts as a pretty entertaining session, go off into a full-blown hilarity when Kevin steps into the passenger seat and launches in a rant against another driver for allegedly cutting them off. Things didn’t really get better when the four step out to buy a piñata, which eventually got them pulled over by a bike cop – and his explanation to the cop was hilarious!


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Source: YouTube